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Spy RF Finder | Spy camera Detector Radio Frequency Hunter

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A variety of ways to probe found hidden lens

Through radio frequency detection function detects the wireless lens

Through red high lights scanning with the naked eye unpredictable find a variety of lenses

The detect frequency range to achieve 1MHz-6.5GHz

Can effectively detect the wireless cable camera

 Wireless detect a variety of prompts: voice prompts, vibrating alert, LED indicator tips

Can connect the headset to detect more subtle ways

Wireless signal strength indication, quick positioning signal source

Detection sensitivity is adjustable

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be used continuously for five hours

The volume is very small, very convenient to carry

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Features:With automatic detection function, LED display orientation, scanning radius of eight meters, to be able to quickly find the signal at source. Eavesdropping device when in danger, stealth wireless headset, wireless pinhole camera, wireless miniature camera, cell phone eavesdropping software (Xundercover software), the phone card eavesdropping, power socket listening devices, wireless listening devices, wireless sniffers, wired pinhole camera, wired mini camera detection. Pinhole cameras, casino fraud. The host will prompt you automatically detect dangerous.


Application areas: banking, postal and other financial institutions to prevent pinhole camera candid personal password, military facilities or government agencies to prevent secrets hotels and other personal information and content have been violated workplace, public places, a swimming pool and a gym locker room, anti-pinhole candiddriving school, exam anti cheating company, factory, or a variety of meeting rooms to prevent the leakage of trade secrets.


Applicable to the crowd:

1.Young lady, to prevent the videotaping exposure.

2.Business people,To prevent the negotiations was cut to listen or videotaping?

3.Government officials,Prevent lawless elements photographed using.

4 Crowd all sense of privacy, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests.

5.Often go to places of entertainment consumption?

6.Security, police maintain security sources?


1.Open the detector above LED switch, LED laser lights

2. When You irradiation optical scanning objects around reflected red dot will follow the light side to side, is generally reflecting objects (such as a metallic glass)

3. LED light scanning pinhole camera lens reflex red dot will be gathered that will not follow the lights sway?

4. The LED laser lantern flashes once every three seconds, best discern the way.

Important Note: Please do not use these products in wrong deed. These products are meant for safety or security purposes only.

Detection frequency range:1MHz-6.5GHz

SIZE:65mm X 48mm X15mm

Antenna length:123mm

Power supply:Built-in 3.7V 500mA

Charging voltage:5-6VDC

Current consumption100mA