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Spy Invisible Marked Plastic Cards with Soft Contact Lenses Dark Pink Grade A+

Product Price:   ₹ 18000/-     12000/-
Save : 33.33 %
Delivery Time: 2-5 Working Days
Warranty: 1 Year
A+ Grade Lens

Low Light view

Durable and Thin Lens

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Description Specifications Customer Review
We offer high-quality, easy to use  soft Invisible Contact Lenses which do not interfere with your vision whether you are playing in day or at night.
Contact lenses are very convenient for games such as Flush, Pokergame that allows you to see very clearly the luminous marks. And you will be able to see the marks on all types of cards. The greatest advantage of these lenses is that they offer the clearest visualization of the card’s markings. 
Our Invisible Contact Lenses for Marked Playing Cards can be used for Cheating in Playing Cards Games. All you have to do is put on these Hidden Contact Lenses & when you look at back of our Marked Playing Cards, the suite, color & number will magically become visible to you which helps you in playing the right move to step ahead towards winning the game easily.
We have all qualities, varieties available from affordable to premium Range for all kinds of clients who are seeking for a suitable yet easy solution for Cheating in Playing Cards Games.

Note: All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble.