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Digital Voice Recorder USB 8GB Ultra Portable Mini Spy Voice Recorder

Product Price:   ₹ 7500/-     4499/-
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Delivery Time: 2-7 Days
Warranty: * 1 Year
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Long time recording up to 10 Hours

Crystal Clear Voice Recording

8GB internal Memory capacity

3 in 1 device that can be used as a recorder, a MP3 player and a 8 GB pen drive

Very Small in Size easy to hide


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Description Specifications Customer Review
Have you been fascinated with those cool audio recorders used by spies and detectives on TV? Wondered if such device even exists? Well it does. The Spy Voice or Audio Recorder is one such crafty piece that looks just like an MP3 player, but doubles up as a recording device when you need it. This Spy voice recorder have 8 GB of internal storage. You can discreetly record conversation, lectures, and even music with surprising ease. A simple flick of a button starts recording, no un-necessary sounds or indications are presented while recording. Plug in your earphones to hear the recorded conversations or plug the device to your computer and play back or download the recordings. Packed with the power of micro sound capture, this voice or audio recorder can pick up subtle tones and voices and play them back effectively. Its fairly to simple to charge this device, simply plug in this MP3 player shaped voice recorder into a USB port and let it power up. While you are not recording, you can use this recorder as an MP3 player, load your favorite songs onto this 8 GB Inovics recorder and enjoy uninterrupted music for hours. To sum it all up, the Spy Voice or Audio Recorder is a smart 3 in 1 device that can be used as a recorder, a MP3 player and a 8 GB pen drive. Voice Recorder - Spy Voice recorder - hd hidden audio recorder device - spy audio recorder Micro Sound Capture MP3 Player shaped Voice or Audio Recorder with 8 GB memory
Function use

1.Power switch
In the state of not plugging in the ear plugs.push the power switch to the marked ON end to start the recording automatically. and at the moment. the indicating lamp lights up and goes out automatically after flashing three times. which proves to enter into the recording work state. Push the power switch to the marked OFF end to save the recording.
In the state of plugging in the ear plugs. push the power switch to the marked ON end. to play the recording file or MP3 music file. and at the moment. the indicating lamp will flash continuously. Push the power switch to the marked OFF end. so that all work is closed. and at this moment. the power has turned off.
2. (+)volume plus/ key for next song
In the state of plugging in the ear plugs and playing.shortly press + key for the next song, and long press for volume plus.
3. (-) volume minus/ mode switch:
In the state of plugging in the ear plugs and playing. shortly press -key for recoding file and MP3 music conversion playing. and long press for volume minus.
4. Headphone jack
In the state of powering is the recording work state without plugging in the ear plugs.and is the file playing state while plugging in the ear plugs.
5. Indicating lamp:
In the recording state. the indicating lamp shall go out automatically after flashing for several times. in the playing state. it will flash slowly; in the charged state, it will be flashing; and in the fully charged state. it will be always on (remarks: while charging, it has no need to turn on the power button).

Remarks: Due to the recording effect of this product, relatively clear quality and high parameters having reached the top parameters, the recording file is relatively big, thus, please extract and save the recording file timely.
Warm tips: For this machine comes with the intelligent reset system, please save the file being recorded before connecting the computer


Smallest Spy Voice Recorder

Battery capacity:

Lasting for about 10h while continuously recording

Recording format:


Music format:


Memory backup:

Lasting for about 96h for 8GB while continuously recording

Sampling frequency:






Product Dimension:


Sales Package:

1 x Smallest Voice Recorder

1 x Data Cable

1 x earphone

1 x User Manual

  •   I am a media professional and I used to take interviews of big personalities. Therefore, it is important for me to keep a device with me that can be used in emergencies. So, I purchased a spy audio device from Spy World. Now, I can be rest assure that I have a device that can be used as a voice recorder whenever I want.   By:- Deepanshu Rawat