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Waterproof Mini Portable Kids GPS Tracker Real Time Tracking

Product Price:   ₹ 16000/-     9999/-
Save : 37.51 %
Delivery Time: 2-7 Working Days
Warranty: 1 Year
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz Quad-band
GPS / GSM / GPRS wireless network
Suitable for cargo, container and personal tracking
3 optional modes: Arm, Disarm and Send location to platform by adjustable time
1200mAh large capacity internal battery for long working time
Voice Monitor function
Two-way communication function
Phone call available – 2 family numbers supported
SOS emergency alarm
Geo-fence alarming function
Web-based online tracking platform 
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Description Specifications Customer Review
This is a new personal GPS tracker which is fashion looking, slim and light, making it perfect for keeping your loved ones under protection. It is the best choice for you to protect your loved ones when you are not there.

Three Working Modes
Three working modes can be chosen for GPS data upload. The tracker can upload GPS data at preset regular time interval, by detection of vibration or by SMS command. With this function, you can take the power consumption and GPRS traffic under control.

SOS Alarm
There will be SOS button for emergency SOS alarm. Anyone carrying the tracker can long press the SOS button to activate SOS alarm. SOS alarm and location will be sent to pre-set SOS numbers.

98hours Standby Time
With the built-in 1200mAh battery, the terminal can standby for 4 days. So much power, yet such a small size! 

Two-way Communication
Tracking is no longer passive. The tracker supports two-way communication with pre-set family numbers and numbers from the white list, which makes it convenient for family numbers to communicate with anyone carrying it. 

Voice Monitoring
SOS numbers can send SMS command to the tracker to activate voice monitoring function. The tracker will reply “OK” and start to call the SOS number. Once the call is connected, the voice monitoring function will be on.

Geo-fence Function
A geo-fence can be set by SMS command to provide a safety net for your loved ones. When anyone carrying the tracker walks in/out of the fence, SOS numbers will receive alarm.

Child Care
Worried about your children when you are working? Worried whether they attend school or get lost on the street? Our tracker can help take care of your children even though you are not anywhere around.

Elderly Safeguard
The safety of the elderly is definitely worth concern. And it is not safe for elderly to wonder around the street without companion. Our tracker will be one of the best safeguards for them.

Disabled Support
Our tracker can be a great support to the disable. Whenever they are in need, they can ask for help by press buttons.

Pet Protection
Having pets certainly brings more joy and happiness to life but also worries and concerns of losing them. By pets carrying our tracker, you can find out where your beloved pet has gone whenever and wherever you want.

Cargo Tracking
By tracking your cargo and containers, it is easy to know where they are and the distance to the destination. Our tracker is equipped with big capacity of battery, with which it can track your cargo all the way down to the destination.

Employee Monitoring
Wondering how your employee is doing their job on business trip? Our tracker can help to monitor your workers to check whether they arrive on time safely and provide help to them when they are in need.
GSM frequency: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
GSM/GPS antenna: built-in
GPS: MT3336
Battery: 1200mAh
GPS Channels: 22
tracking sensitivity: -165dBm
Acquisition sensitivity: -148dBm
Backup Battery: 1100mAh
Standby Time: 98hours
Talk Time: 7hours
Operation Voltage: 3.7vHD / 50mA
GSM Frequencies: Quad-band, GPS, MTK 3336, GPRS
GPRS Protocol: ( TCP / IP )
GPS Acquisition Channel: 66
GPS Sensitivity: -165dBm
Position Accuracy: -148dBm
GSM / GPS Antenna: Built-in Design
Product Size: 73(L) X 45 (W) X 15.8 (H) mm
Weight: 54g