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Spy Pen Camera HD Portable Mini Camera Audio Video Recorder with Loop Recording In Delhi India

Spy Pen Camera HD Portable Mini Camera Audio Video Recorder with Loop Recording

Product Price:   ₹ 9000/-     5999/-
Save : 33.34 %
Delivery Time: 2-7 Working Days
Warranty: 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defect
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EASY TO USE: One button to power on and record, this camera is so user-friendly that a child could operate it.
YOUR GO-TO CHOICE IN SURVEILLANCE GEAR - With this compact and lightweight piece of cutting edge surveillance gear, you'll be able to quickly and easily record any situation, conversation, and happening, and keep a video recording of it in your computer. And the best part being nobody will suspect a thing! Supports up to 32gb sd card(not included)
RECORD EVERYTHING IN CRYSTAL CLEAR VIDEO - Record anything and everything you need in HD 720p video, in conveniently time-stamped 5-minute segment videos. With the camera's 70 degree lens, not even a slight movement will escape your attention!
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Record all you need and more with this amazing spy pen cameras extra long life rechargeable battery. Not only is it able to record up to 5 hours of surveillance video, it can also work while charging - so you can use a charger or power bank to keep on recording!

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Description Specifications Customer Review

This portable spy pen camera bat type takes videos in 1280x720P, it is portable and can be easily fit inside your pocket that will be unnoticeable. Simple Operating Once turn on, it starts recording. This spy pen camera has no IR night vision but performs well in low light environment by selecting low light button. In addition to high quality videos with beautiful color and super clarify in daytime, the 1280*720P HD camera with 75 degree wide angle lens can also record in low light environment, with this excellent specialty, you can use it for both in daytime and low light environment. It functions well as a monitor or as part of a complete personal security system. And who knows, maybe you will capture some criminal activities such as theft, loitering, and vandalism. The video is clear and creates a date and time stamp making it perfect for evidence. This device is very easy to carry it to a meeting or lecture, never worry about missing any important details again

Technical Specification
Video Format: AVI
Camera Lens:  Color Pinhole
Pixel: 1280x720 & 460x360
Memory Capacity:  Up to 32Gb (16GB included)
USB Port: USB 2.0
Battery Type: Rechargable Lithium-ion Battery
Charging Voltage: DC5V/1A
File Save: Every 5 Minutes
Camera Angle: 75 Degree
Power Consumption: 130mAh
Battery Capacity: 720mAh
Product Dimension: 11x7.3x1.6cm
Product Weight: 32g

LED Status
Fully Charged: Yellow light out
Power Off: Red/Blue Light go out
HD mode standby: Blue light ON
HD mode recording: Blue light flashing continually
L mode standby: Red light ON 
L mode recording: Red light flashing continually
Data Reading: Blue and Yellow light on and red light flashing
Changing while recording: Yellow light on and RED/BLUE one flashing
Power on without SD Card: Red/Blue light flash 10 times then power off
Lower power: Blue light on, red light one flashing 10 times and power off